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Internet Advertising

The Internet is playing an ever-increasing role in the recruitment process. We have worked diligently to both identify and develop relationships with many viable sites that have proven successful for recruitment advertising. From the large generalized websites to smaller industry/discipline specific ones, there are over a hundred different Internet locations in which to place your ads.

Many of these sites offer volume discounts for advertisers who find the need for frequent placements over an extended period of time. We will analyze your immediate needs and then continually monitor the amount of advertising you place to ensure that you are always receiving the lowest possible rate. It is always advisable to run some trial ads on a site to establish its effectiveness before committing to any long-term frequency contract.

Placing your Internet ad is very easy. Simply e-mail the ad copy or job description to InternetAds@rlradv.com. Please include the site(s) on which you would like your ad to appear, along with all appropriate response information. If you are unsure as to which site(s) you would like to advertise on, just mention that in your e-mail and one of our Account Executive will be happy to give you recommendations. Upon receipt of your order, we will send you an immediate confirmation. Later, you will receive a second confirmation, detailing insertion dates and costs. Simply return that e-mail with your approval and you’re done.


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